Posted Fri, 05 Nov 2021 05:50:58 GMT by Danny mckeown
Is it possible to archive and also reactivate jobs on mass? Or is it on an individual bases?

I deal with large scale domestic properties and as you can understand, having to do it on a large scale can become very time consuming.
Posted Mon, 08 Nov 2021 16:40:18 GMT by Laurin Gottschall
Hi Danny, 

this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for posting your question. I am not sure if I understood you correctly, what are you trying to achieve? Can you please describe your intentions a little further?

If you're asking about the option to archive (backup) existing projects then yes, this option does definitely exist. If you're asking about the option to reactivate and archive cloud instances in bulk then I have to admit that we do not yet offer this functionality. This process is purely manual for now and afaik we don't plan on changing this anytime soon. 

I hope this helps. Please follow up in case I can give any further information. 

Best regards, 

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