Posted Tue, 12 Oct 2021 14:23:46 GMT by Mate Pavic

I have a Site running on IVION with original panoramic images. I had to blur/pixelate faces and some other details so I used images in folder "pano" inside each dataset under map "dataset_proc".
Is it possible to change panoramic images on existing Site with new panoramic images?
Or do I need to do anonymization of images before starting to process datasets?

Best regards,
Posted Wed, 13 Oct 2021 08:42:12 GMT by Laurin Gottschall
Hi Mate, 

this is Laurin from NavVis. We currently do not offer the ability to blur/pixelate panoramic images right inside IVION, however as you are rightly assuming the images can be blurred before you enter the processing workflow which is what some of our customers are already doing in order to meet their specific data privacy needs. 

Depending on your device (VLX or M6) and the way you process (on-premise or Cloud Processing) the workflow of blurring the pano images is different so it's probably best to reach out to NavVis Support for some more specific information but overall your approach is correct. Please make sure however to not change image size, image rotation, image format or image details (eg. EXIF tag) as doing so will likely result in post-processing failing. 

I hope this answers your questions, if you have more specific questions please feel free to contact the NavVis Support in order to clarify. 

Best regards, 
Posted Thu, 21 Oct 2021 05:31:39 GMT by Veit Streicher
Hi Mate,
when i understand you correct, you process on a local machine and has access to datasets_proc with pano folder. As soon you have modified the images and considering the hints from Laurin do keep the format and pixels, you can simply go next step for web-processing. The resulting NVD files you can upload to Ivion. In case it is the same file name, it will be directly replaced. Otherwise do the dataset alignment etc.... Thats it.

Posted Wed, 27 Oct 2021 08:06:05 GMT by Mate Pavic
Hi Veit

Right, I was in contact with support and that is the right approach for anonymization or any modification on panoramic images. Replace images in pano folders and run web-processing. 

Best regards,
Posted Mon, 23 May 2022 09:32:28 GMT by Jan Witkovsky Co-Founder

Hi guys,

another question about this topic: Where do I find or get access to the pano folder when processing in IVION cloud? I have to blur a lot of faces but unfortunately didn't find the pictures. Thank you in advance!

Posted Tue, 21 Jun 2022 08:50:36 GMT by Mate Pavic
Hi&nbsp;<br> <br> So, we know that there easiest way is to blur images before processing. But If we have already processed data then what is a solution?<br> <br> With M6 and processing on computer is possible to blur datasets_proc forder that contains images, replace them and run web process.<br> <br> But if I have already processed data from VLX on IVION and Site is running, what is the easiest and fastest way to process panoramic images?<br> In "processed data" is possible to download processed panoramic images for each dataset, but is it possible to replace them in "processed data"?<br> <br> Or we need to start from beggining, blur "raw" images, replace them and then upload and start process on IVION?<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Mate Pavic

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