Posted Wed, 20 Apr 2022 14:23:36 GMT by Jason Yoscovits Drone Fleet Lead, Senior Construction Inspector

We experienced this the first time we used the VLX and haven’t had much of an issue since.

Now it’s cropped up again where, in the point cloud, we get a ghosted 3D reflection outside window areas which mirror some of the interior surroundings we’re scanning at the time.

This makes the exterior of the 3D point cloud both unclear and fairly unusable. See attached photos
Note: we used “Standard Processing”.

The Image "Reflection Issue not in front window" depicts that the reflection issue did not occur in the front window of the IVION model.

Along with how we may avoid this in the future I have an important question. With all of the valuable tools within IVION, why does NavVis not afford the user to modify/crop/clean-up the point cloud?!

Posted Wed, 20 Apr 2022 20:51:49 GMT by Jason Yoscovits Drone Fleet Lead, Senior Construction Inspector
Steps taken in effort to resolve: <ul> <li>Reprocessed data in "High Confidence" with Panos embedded. Point Cloud still contained heavy reflection points.</li> <li>Downloaded Point Cloud with pano's embedded.&nbsp;</li> <li>Imported Point Cloud containing pano's into Cloud Compare.</li> <li>Removed unwanted reflection points (roughly 2 million points). Cloud Compare maintained the pano's as noted during save.</li> <li>Uploaded clean point cloud to IVION instance via Dataset Management.</li> <li>Aligned dataset via "Dataset Alignment"&nbsp;</li> <li>Removed exiting dataset which contained reflection points.</li> </ul> Result = Unsuccessful, Unnavigable dataset! Though Cloud Compare maintained the 96 panos, the pano locations are saved in the original dataset. Not having a tool available in IVION to clean up the point cloud to remove anomalies like this is difficult for me to comprehend.
Posted Thu, 04 Aug 2022 09:24:45 GMT by Laurin Gottschall
&nbsp;<br> Hi Jason,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. As you might be aware reflections due to mirrors and windows are not uncommon for laser-based scanning devices, in your case however I must admit that the output in form of the pointcloud does suffer greatly from this problem. In order to check wether the problem lays in the processing or if there's any issues with your VLX I would kindly ask you to contact my colleagues via Customer Support ( as we can provide much better help one to one then inside this public forum.<br> <br> Once you have created a case we will then be able to analyze your problem and provide a meaningful solution to you. Thanks for your understanding.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
Posted Thu, 04 Aug 2022 11:39:40 GMT by Jason Yoscovits Drone Fleet Lead, Senior Construction Inspector

Thank you Laurin...

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