Posted Tue, 09 Aug 2022 14:36:48 GMT by Neil Wakeman BIM Technology Lead
Any thought on incorporating AI to add this type of capability to IVION?
(Link below)
AI Based Project Tracking Across Trades
Posted Fri, 19 Aug 2022 09:33:53 GMT by Laurin Gottschall
Hi Neil,&nbsp;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here. I read the article you shared and I must say that this is a very compelling goal that OpenSpace is trying to achieve. Looks like this could be very helpful when documenting progress in the Construction field.&nbsp;<br> <br> For the time being our focus for IVION lays in registering and publishing scan data in order for it to be shared, inspected and enriched. Using AI to document changes and progress is therefore not yet on our roadmap but I would not rule out this out for any future versions of IVION either. I will most definitely take your idea back to our product team in order for it to be validated.&nbsp;<br> <br> A solution which I do however already see for the time being is that companies like OpenSpace use NavVis scan data to create such given reports for project tracking. They might even integrate with IVION using our exposed REST API to be able to directly extract the panoramas for your respective scan data.&nbsp;<br> <br> I hope this information is helpful to you.<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin<br> <br> &nbsp;

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