Posted Tue, 19 Oct 2021 20:29:35 GMT by VDC
hello Navvis Team,
I am trying to migrate some of our older instances of indoor viewer to Docker based system, it appears the documentation to do so does not cover potential errors one could be getting. Currently I  am getting this error message when I run the commenad "docker-compose up" , but unable to resolve the issues. I did put in correct credentials from Harbor and was successfully able to login, so I am not sure what permissions the error is mentioning. see the message below:

Pulling iv (
ERROR: unauthorized: unauthorized to access repository: indoorviewer-stable/indoorviewer, action: pull: unauthorized to access repository: indoorviewer-stable/indoorviewer, action: pull

Posted Thu, 21 Oct 2021 12:44:34 GMT by Laurin Gottschall
Hi VDC, 

this is Laurin from NavVis. Thanks for raising this problem that you're facing. I think the answer to your issue should be quite simple. It seems that the connection with our repository was not successfull as to why you're not authorized to pull any images from it. Please follow the steps from our documentation in order to connect to the Docker Registry:

This troubleshooting article might also be helpful in case that any other issues arise:

I hope this helps already. If you're indeed missing permissions for the Docker Registry then please write to in order to have that checked. 

Best regards, 

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