Applies to: NavVis Indoor Mapping Systems

Problem description

An issue when attempting to charge batteries of the NavVis Mobile Mapping Systems. Check each of the charging components before assessing the possible solution.

VLX behavior

Two batteries can be charged simultaneously. There are two main components:

  • The charging sockets, where the batteries are inserted.
  • The power adapter which connects to the charging sockets.

A green LED should display on the rear when the power adapter is connected and there is no battery charging. Once a battery is inserted for charging, this LED displays red.

Whenever a battery is inserted into a charging socket, the LEDs on the battery will display a charging status.

M6 behavior

On an M6 charger four batteries can be charged simultaneously. The charger has three main components:

  • The front 4-Pin XLR port is powered by the main power supply.
  • The front two batteries are charged from the front charging circuit.
  • The back two batteries are charged from the rear charging circuit.

The charging status of the charger is indicated from the front LEDs next to the XLR port. As soon as a battery is inserted, a LED on the battery should display a status. If one battery is 100% empty, the LED may display the status after a few minutes.

If one of the charging circuits is faulty, front or rear the batteries will not charge.


Possible cause and fix

Identify the source of the problem: the batteries or the charger.

  1. Test each battery separately, by pushing the transparent status button on the side of the battery. The LEDs indicating the health and charge level should come on. If they do not, this indicates that a battery is faulty and not the charger.
  2. Using fully charged batteries, test the charger. Test different combinations of battery and charger slots to troubleshoot which charger is faulty.


If the charger is the source of the problem, provide a description of the issue you see and capture a series of photos or a short video that shows its defective behavior. Send them to NavVis Support and our team will validate, and will either provide you with a new charger during the warranty period or make an offer to purchase new one.

As this is a mains-powered device, which can be dangerous if damaged, we cannot troubleshoot the charger remotely or change any fuses!


Written in December 2019