Items needed to clean the lasers

  1. Compressed air duster (used for dust)
  2. Microfiber cloth or clean soft cloth
  3. Neutral detergent (only used for oil and tough stains)



  • If the IMMS is in a dark or shaded location and does not get direct lighting, it will be hard to see the dirt on the lens. Please use a LED flashlight to check the condition of the lens.

  • The lens is made of polycarbonate. Therefore, alkaline detergent or solvents (alcohol, etc.) should not be used.

  • Do not use organic solvents such as thinner, benzene, acetone, etc., for cleaning the optical lens. Resin made parts, paint etc., can be adversely affected.

  • Please remove all neutral detergent with a wet wiping cloth moisturized with water. If detergent is left on the lens, it may cause cracks because the lens is made of a plastic material.

  • Do not rub the dry lens surface with a dry cloth alone, as this can cause static electricity and dust might stick to the lens more easily.

  • Be careful and avoid scratching the lens. The scratches on the lens may be detected as objects when scanning.


Cleaning procedure

  1. Prepare three or more pieces of cloth for neutral detergent, wet wipes, and dry wipes.
  2. Use the compressed air duster to remove overall dust off the lens.
  3. In case of oil or tough stains, dampen a wiping cloth with neutral detergent diluted with water and squeeze hard to get excess water out until no water droplets drip. Use water only for normal stains.
  4. Wipe the lens horizontally with the prepared moist cloth.
  5. If you used neutral detergent in step (3), you need to remove it using a cloth moisturized with water.
  6. Wipe the lens with a dry cloth and check to make sure that there are no wet areas left.