How do I cut/split a NavVis dataset?


When adding multiple datasets to a common project, it is sometimes necessary to select a specific time span of a dataset or cut off a specific part of a dataset. This can be helpful when the dataset:

  • contains confidential data that must be deleted before publishing
  • shows a SLAM drift or break after post-processing data captured in a tough environment
  • shows too much overlap with other datasets

For on-premise NavVis Desktop Processing Software:

For on-premise NavVis Desktop Processing Software, use our command-line tool nv_cut-dataset, which is installed on your Ubuntu workstation with NavVis SiteMaker. Open a terminal and use the tool as explained in our documentation:

For NavVis Cloud Processing with NavVis IVION:

For NavVis cloud processing with NavVis IVION, when selecting a dataset for processing, you can also define a specific timeframe for it directly in the cloud as explained in our NavVis IVION documentation: