Applies to: All versions of the packages  

Problem description

Processing fails because of the following error:

ERROR: Could not process dataset '/media/data/home/ti_svr/datasets_rec/2019-11-189':

Command 'nv_colorcloud--input=/media/data/home/ti_svr/2019-11-189/pointcloud.ply--output=/media/datasets_proc/2019-11-18_23.50.29/pointcloud.ply.tmp.ply --info-dir=/media/datasets_proc/2019-11-18_23.50.29/info --sensor-frame=/media/datasets_rec/2019-11-18_23.50.29/sensor_frame.xml --res=0.01 --color-extrapolation=fill' non zero exit status 137.returned


Possible cause and fixes

The non zero exit status error is usually associated with a memory issue. The RAM is low for the size of the dataset. You can compare the RAM size listed in the post-processing log after the processing starts with the minutes included in the dataset.

  • For short NavVis M6 mappings: ~32GB RAM is necessary
  • For long NavVis M6 mappings: ~64GB RAM is necessary
  • For NavVis VLX mappings: 32GB-128GB RAM is necessary
CPU: logical cores: 8 / physical cores: 4
Memory: physical: 15.5 GiB, available: 12.0 GiB, 22% used
Storage: total: 457.0 GiB, used: 250.2 GiB, free: 183.5 GiB, 58% used
Possible fixes

Try the following solutions to solve the problem:

  • Clear the RAM memory.
  • Process the dataset on another machine with higher RAM.
  • Cut the dataset in half at a plausible position of the dataset using the NavVis command line tool nv_cut-dataset. Please see the System Software documentation.