1 Introduction

1.1 Problem description

The NavVis VLX user interface freezes, or a dataset cannot be completed.

1.2 Scope

This troublshooting procedure is for NAvVis VLX 1-2-3

2 Troubleshooting procedure

Perform the following troubleshooting in the order shown, only move onto the next step if the issue still remains

  1. Restart the NavVis VLX using the on/off button. If you had to interrupt a scan to restart, the data up until the point of restart is saved and NavVis Solution Engineers can probably recover it (except for the last minute of data).
  2.  If you have scanned for a short time, then we recommend you restart the scan from the beginning.
  3. If you have scanned for a long time, then restart approximately five minutes before the problem occurred or at a spot in the building so as to get an overlap with the earlier dataset. You can send to NavVis the earlier dataset to restore.
  4. If you have experienced this problem more than once over a day of scanning,
  • From the NavVis VLX Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, update the software. You can update the software from the NavVis VLX UI, the Ubuntu UI, or in a terminal by running sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.
  • Retrieve the logs from the NavVis VLX at the end of the day (located in the UI help section -the package also contains the kernel and Syslog-).
  • Store them on the data SSD.
  • Send them to us with the details of the issue.
  • After analysis we might request a remote session with you to check the health of the device.

3 References

Uploaded dataset is missing statistical data

4 Further Support

If you still require further support, please contact support on