Applies to: VLX, M6

If you are scanning with a NavVis VLX or a NavVis M6, the NavVis System Software reminds you after 45 minutes to end a scan and start a new dataset. After 60 minutes scanning, the device will display another reminder. However, there is no optimal duration for a dataset and there are several considerations that can lead to different recommendations.

As enforced by the IMMS System Software, our recommendation is to keep one dataset less than one hour long. Post-processing resource requirements (time, RAM and CPU) rise superlinearly with the duration of the dataset, the overall area size, and the chosen point cloud resolution.

Adapting the scan duration makes even more sense when processing locally on a Desktop Processing Software workstation or server, which is limited in resources. However, when using smaller datasets the effort grows when aligning the data in NavVis IVION. Additionally, the overlapping but sparsely scanned regions in more open environments can introduce more noise and coloring artifacts when multiple small datasets are captured instead of one big one. NavVis SLAM and filtering algorithms work on one dataset only and therefore do not take overlaps between datasets into account. Therefore, datasets of around 45 minutes are best considering alignment effort and post-processing duration. Smaller datasets can be beneficial when a rescanning plan is in place, where specific areas of a building need to be rescanned at different time intervals, or if specific user permissions are distributed for viewing specific areas (=datasets) in NavVis IVION.