Solution applies to: Cloud Processing Add-On IV v2.8.0


After adding an anchor file to a cloud processing job, the UI gives feedback that some control points are misaligned or not found:

Some of your control points are misaligned. Don't use these points for processing if a mistake was made while measuring them. Or, if the control points are correct, processing should fix the problem.
X control points could not be found.



The warnings (orange) and the errors (red) appear when there is at least more than 20 cms of offset between IMMS-captured and measured locations, or if the control points are not found at all.

Check the following potential problems and correct if one applies:

  1. The orientation is incorrect: there is a left-handed coordinate system instead of the right-handed coordinate system. To quickly test if this is the problem, select and draw three control points (best spanning a rectangle) on a piece of paper to visualize and cross-check captured vs. measured locations. Draw the x- and y-axis into the drawing for the measured locations listed in the anchor file.
  2. The locations are in the wrong unit system - imperial measurement in inches. The locations in the anchor file should be in metric. All locations should be in meters.
  3. The measured control point locations were transferred incorrectly to the metric XYZ coordinates from geographic coordinate systems with longitude/latitude.

If none of the above problems applies to your situation, please contact NavVis Support with the following data prepared:

  •  The anchor file uploaded to the cloud processing job
  •  The name of the original coordinate system of the measured control points
  •  The original document where the measured control points were reported in
  •  The captured anchor poses from the IMMS, which are located in datasets_rec\<dataset_id>\anchors\anchor_poses_recorded.txt.