Applies to: Data captured with Mobile Mapping Systems VLX and M6, Desktop Processing Software, IVION Processing

Problem description

In corner cases, you may find that the last mapping you've just finished shows that the mapped area and time equal 0, and that the quality map preview might not show up.  If you are uploading your dataset to the cloud it will appear as if the upload has not finished and there will be a constant spinning circle where the map picture should go.  This can occur:

  • on the dataset preview within the UI of the MMS System Software,
  • within SiteMaker in Desktop Processing, or
  • within Navvis IVION Processing.


Possible cause and fix

For a very large mapping, there could be a chance that the last quality map generation and statistics stage was interrupted because of resource limitation. It could also happen that a crash of the system caused the mapping to abruptly finish. However, there is a safety mechanism and in either cases, the dataset will be saved and only some statistics and the quality map will be missing.

Possible fix

First, check if your data can be processed, either locally or on the cloud. If it can be processed, then that means your recorded data is intact and that only the finishing steps of generating statistics and quality map failed on the MMS.

Note that after processing, you will still get a more accurate quality map and statistics about time and area, so you won't miss anything.


If it cannot be processed smoothly, please contact Navvis Support or send an email to: There could be more underlying problems and we'll help you to check on that.


Written in January 2021