Solution applies to: NavVis VLX/M6, Desktop Processing software v.2.11 and above 


Where do I find the necessary NavVis VLX/M6 device credentials for the NavVis Desktop Processing Software installation?


You can find all the NavVis VLX/M6 System Software licenses credentials for your company at

For an installation, you only need to enter the credentials of one of your owned NavVis VLX/M6 devices that has an annual license for NavVis Desktop Processing Software updates and an annual license for NavVis System Software updates. 

The credentials will look like this:

<serial-number> <password>

e.g. <12 character password>

Only a company's "Account Administrator" within the NavVis portal has access to the licenses. You can find more information on the "Account Administrator" and other user roles in our knowledge base: