Solution applies to: NavVis VLX/M6, Desktop Processing software v.2.11 and above 


Your NavVis Desktop Processing Software does not recognize a valid (active) license file for the NavVis VLX/M6 device on which the dataset you are trying to process was captured.

The error message will look like this:

Verifying dataset...
ERROR: No valid license for device G8-006 found. Please make sure you have a license file under '~/Documents/NavVis/Licenses/'.
 - No license files under ~/Documents/NavVis/Licenses/
- The license does not allow processing datasets from device G8-006
- The license for device G8-006 has expired
ERROR: Could not process dataset /mnt/support/Support/Trolley_QualityCheck/ParkingLot/G8-006/datasets_rec/2020-11-20_14.35.09: RewriteStep failed: ...

Root Cause & Solution:

There can be a few reasons for this error. Please read the error messages carefully, as they state what the cause is:

  1. "No license files under ~/Documents/NavVis/Licenses/"
    Your workstation or server has not been set up yet with any license files for NavVis Desktop Processing Software. To download and store them correctly on your local processing machine, please follow our instructions here:
  2. "The license does not allow processing datasets from device Gx-xxx."
    There is no license found for the device serial number for which you are trying to process a dataset. Please check the folder ~/Documents/NavVis/Licenses/ again and get the correct license file you are missing from the NavVis portal:
  3. "The license for device Gx-xxx has expired."
    A license file for this NavVis VLX/M6 has been found, but it has expired. Please first check the NavVis portal for a renewed license file. If you have not yet purchase the next year of NavVis Desktop Processing updates for this NavVis VLX/M6, please contact your NavVis Account Manager to do so.