1 Introduction

1.1 Problem description

The content you can access in the NavVis portal is based on your user role with its assigned user permissions. If you don't have the necessary user permissions, you will receive a "permission denied" message when viewing specific content.

NavVis portal is accessible to everyone after registration. You can access the NavVis Technical documentation, NavVis Knowledge Base Articles, and the NavVis Academy. However, some specific content inside the NavVis portal is only visible based on your user role. Your user role is assigned to you by the Account Administrator at your comapny or business, it allows you to access specific content. To learn more about user roles, click here for the knowledge article.

1.2 Scope

Related to the NavVis customer Portal. 

2 Troubleshooting procedure

To access content in the NavVis Portal that is not shown to you:

1. Contact your internal Account Administrator for NavVis products. If you are not sure who inside your organization is the Account Administrator, contact your Customer Support Manager (CSM) at NavVis or contact NavVis Support.

2. Once you have identified your Account Administrator, ask that person to assign you the user permissions to access the hidden content based on this knowledge article

3 Further support

If you still require further support, please contact support on