Applies to: Desktop Processing Software, all versions

The values pano_pos_x, pano_pos_y, pano_pos_z represent the x, y and z coordinate of the "center" of the 360 panorama image. The origin of that coordinate system is exactly where the mapping was started. The point 0,0,0 is set to the base point on the VLX within a right-handed local coordinate system, where the z-axis points upwards, the x-axis to the front and the y-axis to the left side.

The pano_ori_w, pano_ori_xpano_ori_y, pano_ori_z represent the orientation of the panoramas but in quaternions (w, x, y, z). The orientation is with regards to the same starting location of the mapping. 

This is an example of the pano_poses.csv file:


Written in March 2022