1 Introduction

1.1 Problem description

Describes how to edit or remove unwanted points from the point cloud. 

1.2 Scope

It is important to know that this procedure does not apply to cloud processing since any time a filtered point cloud is downloaded from cloud processing the link between point cloud and panoramas is lost. Therefore, when importing the edited point cloud back to IVION, the panoramas are also lost. This is due to the fact that NavVis datasets always include the panorama images next to the point cloud.

2 Troubleshooting procedure

2.1Run on-prem post-processing

Open SiteMaker and set up your project. When you are starting the processing of the dataset, select only the "post-processing" option:

2.2Edit the point cloud

After post-processing is complete, go to the datasets_proc folder of that dataset on your computer. 
Rename the point cloud (ply by default) to pointcloud_original.ply or similar.
Open the pointcloud_original.ply in CloudCompare or Recap and remove those reflections and noise points.
Save your edited point cloud as the initial name in the datasets_proc (pointcloud.ply). Important: you have to save it in binary format (not ASCII).

2.3Run web-processing in SiteMaker

Go back to SiteMaker and run the web-processing part of processing for the same dataset.
Upload the .nvd file from datasets_web folder to your IVION project.

3 Further support

If you still require further support, please contact support on

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