1 Introduction

1.1 Problem description

During desktop processing the following error message is displayed

Verifying dataset...
Error: Data authentication failed for file: /media//datasets_rec/datasets_rec/2021-04-13_11.06.19/internal/bags/bag_2021-04-13-11-06-24_0.bag
ERROR: Verification failed.

1.2 Scope

This procedure refers to NavVis On-Premise Desktop Processing

2 Troubleshooting procedure

2.1Raw data was not successfully copied

Re-copy the data from the original SSD to your workstation again, safely remove the SSD after copying and then reprocess the data.

2.2Desktop processing software version is lower than the recorded system software version

Update the Desktop Processing software to the latest version, to avoid versioning issue in the post-processing. 

3 Further support

If you still require further support, please contact support on

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