Applies to: Desktop Processing Software from v.2.8.2

Problem description

During desktop processing, you might be faced with such an error:

Verifying dataset...
Error: Data authentication failed for file: /media//datasets_rec/datasets_rec/2021-04-13_11.06.19/internal/bags/bag_2021-04-13-11-06-24_0.bag
ERROR: Verification failed.


Possible causes and fixes

Cause 1: Raw data wasn't successfully copied

It could be that the raw data wasn't successfully copied from the Mobile Mapping System's SSD to the processing machine, and the files were most likely corrupted.

Possible fix 1: Recopy the data

Re-copy the data from the original SSD to your workstation again, safely remove the SSD after copying and then reprocess the data.


Cause 2: Desktop processing software version is lower than the recorded system software version

Starting from early 2022, in order to be able to publish packages to the device only, we will allow patch versions that are larger than the proc version. Meaning that, for example, desktop software version v2.15.0 can process data recorded with the system software v2.15.1 without throwing warnings during post-processing. However, if there are breaking changes in the data recording, there should be a minor version jump in the software release, e.g. from v2.15.x to v2.16.x. In this case the desktop software version must be updated to the same minor version as the recorded software version.

Possible fix 2: Update the desktop processing software 

Try updating the Desktop Processing software to the latest version, to avoid versioning issue in the post-processing. 


If the same error persists, please contact

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