1 Introduction

1.1 Problem description

The following procedure should be used when you need a repair of your NavVis device.

1.2 Scope

This procedure is not applicable to the NavVis M3 which has been discontinued.

2 Repair procedure

2.1Contact support

You can contact support using the following channels>

2.2Provide information 

Before we can process the device repair, provide the following information to our support team:

  • A detailed description of any failures or accidents the device has experienced.
  • Photos and/or videos for documentation and inspection.
  • Remote access to the device via ethernet or a stable wifi connection (learn more here).
  • A datasets demonstrating any quality concerns for may have.
  • System logs capturing any device failures (learn more here).

2.3 Technical analysis and cost estimation

After this, our support engineers will provide you with a technical analysis and cost estimation, usually via mail, containing the following information:

  • If device warranty applies to the repair tasks necessary.
  • The type and possible location of the repair.
  • Expected costs and timeline.
  • Necessary shipping procedures.

2.4Warranty regulations for NavVis devices

These are described in the NavVis General Terms and Conditions (GTCs). Only the version provided by NavVis at the time the product was ordered is valid. Please find our recent versions here for reference:

2.5 Repair service quote

If the repair is partially or not at all covered by warranty, a quote for the repair service will be sent to you. Please review it, sign it and send it back via mail to your Support Engineer contact. Only at this point in time will the shipping process begin.

A quote will already contain terms on:

  1. Shipping INCOTERMS used for device pick-up/delivery, and
  2. A possible increase in cost of up to 10% in the event that additional repair tasks are identified as required to guarantee a successful repair.

Shipping costs, customs fees and taxes are not included.

2.6 Shipment and repair

Depending on the repair type identified during the damage assessment, all necessary device or spare part shipments now need to be organized. Please align with your Support Engineer contact on required steps and documents. Please be aware that international shipments require intensive alignment from both NavVis and your company to avoid complications during the import/export procedures. These shipments take a significant proportion of the total repair time, so please consider them accordingly in your updated project schedule.

For all remote repairs at a local office as well as repairs at our German HQ the full device must be shipped. This is due to the fact that device quality checks and recalibration can only be performed on the full device to ensure proper operation and our NavVis data quality standards. 

Batteries should not be included in the shipment if not agreed to previously with NavVis, as this would need special shipment booking and customs handling. Please keep the device's SSD with your confidential data as well. Additional accessories also do not need to be shipped.

Once the repair is done and necessary return shipments have been organized, the Repair Service will be invoiced accordingly.

3 Further support

If you still require further support, please contact support on