Yes you can

Note: However, to purchase additional batteries for your device we recommend contacting your Account Manager so you can buy them directly from NavVis.  

You can also buy and use any V-mount type battery from anywhere, but these batteries are used at your own risk. Make sure the batteries are within NavVis specifications and provide a minimum of 10 Amps.  

Bebob batteries

NavVis recommends buying the bebob® V98micro batteries  which are similar to the ones used in the NavVis VLX devices Refer here for the bebo link or here for a list of local suppliers.

When using bebob batteries on your VLX, if no charge status is shown in the mapping UI, it is then important that you change the communication mode by pressing the Check Status button on the side of the battery for 10 seconds. Usually the color of the LED will also change, e.g. from red to blue. After the correct mode is set, the mapping UI will also get the correct battery charge.

bebob® batteries are available with higher capacity, which are compatible the VLX (e.g. a V150 or V200), however the following must be noted:

  • Mostly they are NOT ALLOWED on airlines (Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours | Transportation Security Administration ).
  • They are larger in size, so they cannot be stored in the VLX box.
  • They are heavier and therefore bring more weight on your body during scanning.
  • The screen will likely display the correct percentage of charge, but the screen will not report the remaining battery time correctly.
  • From the NavVis VLX2 onwards the bebob battery is waterproof, these are not available from bebob. While non-waterproof batteries can still be used, waterproof ones can only be purchased from NavVis.

Other third party batteries

When buying other types of batteries the following should be considered:  

  • We have not tested third party batteries, so it is not confirmed that they work.
  • We do not know if and how long they would take to charge using the VLX charger.

NavVis therefore does not recommend buying these.

DISCLAIMER: Batteries are not covered by our warranty GTC. Therefore, in case any issues from or caused by the batteries should occur, you should reach out to the battery manufacturer/reseller.

Battery data sheet

V98micro rechargeable Li-ion Battery User Manual, incl. charging/discharging, communication protocol, specification, warranty etc.: