1 Introduction

The following describes the troubleshooting steps for a red Failure and a yellow Finished status when processing data in IVION Processing.

2 Troubleshooting tasks

2.1 Processing task with failure status (in red)

If there is a failure of the processing caused by data incompleteness or with an issue with the processing software, the Units Consumed will be empty and there will be no units subtracted from your processing units.


The root cause can be found using the log file, use the following procedure to get the log file:

  1. Open the tasks in the job by clicking on the arrow to the right. You can now identify, which particular datasets failed during processing.
  2. Download the logs by clicking on the three dots on the right side and select Download logs.
  3. Once you have the logs, send an email to and attach the downloaded zip-file. A Support Engineer will read the logs and further investigate the issue.

2.2Processing task with failure status (in yellow)

If the processing task has finished but there is a large residual in the control points, the status will be displayed as finished (in yellow).

Two issues can cause a processing task failure with yellow status:

  • Issue 1: An issue with control points. This can occur when capturing them with the NavVis scanning device or an incorrect setting of the control points (i.e. duplicate naming). You can resolve this by identifying the failing datasets:
    1. Click on the arrow on the right to open the tasks in the job. Check which specific datasets have failed and are causing the yellow status.
    2. Click View control point configuration and deselect the control points or fix the settings of the control points that will be used for processing.
    3. This will create a new processing task with the newly selected points and units. Both processing tasks will be subtracted from your processing units.
  • Issue 2: There is an issue with the NavVis processing software, to verify this perform the following:
    1. Check the reconstructed blue quality map.
    2. Check to see if the map has been processed incorrectly and the control points are not aligned to the surveyed points.If this is the case, contact NavVis Support The units consumed in the processing task will still be subtracted from your processing units, but the dataset will be processed for free.

3 Reference

For more information on the different kinds of status displayed when processing data, refer to the technical documentation: Processing Data in NavVis Cloud.

4 Further support

If you still require further support, please contact support on