Applies to: NavVis IVION


Billed sqm is a metric based on a fixed laser range. The area is counted only within a 10 m range of the mapping trajectory. Data outside of the radius are processed, but not billed. Within a single dataset, any overlapping areas are counted only once against the balance.

Per billed sqm:

  • 10 processing units will be deducted for NavVis VLX 2.
  • 25 processing units will be deducted for NavVis VLX 3.


Note: Reprocessing of datasets is counted against the balance, in the unlikely event that any processing fails, this is not counted. It should be noted that the number of panoramic images in a dataset does not contribute to the sqm counting.

How processing presets and billed sqm are related:


Note: Within the 10 m range, all points are projected onto a horizontal 25 x 25mm grid. In case there is at least one point in such a grid cell, we count the area of the cell. Sometimes the scan of the VLX2 is less dense, which can cause a smaller billed area being counted compared to the NavVis VLX 3.

Concrete example cases:


Billed sqm 


1,179 sqm


534 sqm

Empty Factory


14,513 sqm

Historic Bridge Outdoor

7,761 sqm

Urban Street Outdoor

11,323 sqm

Road Crossing Outdoor

8,209 sqm

Family house + Property

3,320 sqm

Facades + Park

2,121 sqm


7,950 sqm


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Written in January 2023