• RE: Embedded Pano in .e57

    I have the same issue here and would like to process navvis data somehow in epic games reality capture. Its the software i use to work for various tasks, now that we also have a navvis system in our company i would love to bring them both together.

    I have tried with leica cyclone (we dont have faro scene) but altough this will create a e57 that RC is capable of loading (and even creating its own .lsp files) but it will not load the full amout of data from the file but just a little crop of it. Leica support could´t help because there is no "virtual scan position" function in the software, at least we could´t find one.

    My question now is, when there is the possibility to export e57 with panos included, does it only work for one position at a time or is there a way to export them in a batch process all together? What is the cloud processing add-on, i am not sure if i already have it available (i am using navvis plattform just for a few days yet)?

    Do you see any possibility that this, export navvis scan data with all panos as scanworld positions for cyclone or whatever, becomes a feature in the future?

    Best regards