• RE: List of processed projects on navvis IVION

    Hey Malak,

    Menghui from NavVis.
    If you've already loaded the datasets into SItes in IVION, you can then write your own simple script to use this Rest APi endpoint to fetch the dataset related information automatically like below:

    {your url}/api/site/{site id}/data_management/datasets
    Method: GET
    The authorization method used here is just like the other RestAPI calls, you would need to use the Token generated with Admin role user.

    The result would be a list of elements like this:

    "name": "2020-11-27_11.32.08",
    "on_disk": true,
    "in_database": true,
    "title": "Office_Laurin_04-01-01_OG2 vlx",
    "color": "#aeea00",
    "in_bundle_in_database": true,
    "unique_location_count": 37,
    "location_count": 128,
    "type": "NAVVIS",
    "origin_data_coordinate_ref_sys": null

    Please consider the "unique_location_count" field as the pano count for the dataset.

    Please check our RestAPi doc beforehand: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/navvisgmbh/IVION/10.3.2#/api
    Please note that this method is not listed inside but the logic is very similar with other calls.


  • RE: Migrating apps to IVION

    Hey Matthias,

    Actually the the functions are still there but on a Site basis. You will have to enter a Site entity and then execute the Frontend API commands.
    The commands for you example is like:

    IV.api.view.mainView.getLocationMarkerLayer().visible = false
    IV.api.ViewApiService.service.showSecondaryView = false

    Kind regards,

  • RE: New Feature in version 10.3

    Hey Javier,<br> <br> Menghui from NavVis here.&nbsp;<br> You can check the instructions on layers here in our documentation:<br> https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-end-user/exploring/exploring-a-site/#using-layers<br> <br> BR,
  • RE: Changing Universal User Group Permissions

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the information, we will definitely consider your suggestion. Do you want me to create a feature request on this -> if so, anything you would like to add?
  • RE: How to Export .xml from Ivion

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your feedback, I'll create a feature request for our product team based on your descriptions, will let you know if there is any update. 

  • RE: How to Export .xml from Ivion

    If you were talking about the alignment xml file that was used in older versions, it was unfortunately deprecated in IVION. All the alignment information is stored within the bundle that can be transferred together with the datasets.
  • RE: How to Export .xml from Ivion

    Hi Peter, sorry I didn't get full understanding of the question. Which .xml file you are talking about specifically, the sensor_frame.xml or others?
  • RE: Changing Universal User Group Permissions

    Yes, like you said Peter, if it is a private instance and you would like the viewer role in each site to be able to use the measurement tools, you have to modify the permissions in each site. The whole user management logic is redesigned on a multi-site bases, each site is considered as an individual entity. That's why the permissions are all single site based. 
  • RE: Feature Request: Download Panoramas after post-processing

    The amount of requests can speak out for themselves anyway. I'll create a feature request regarding the issue, thanks for reporting!
  • RE: Feature Request: Download Panoramas after post-processing

    Thanks for your feature request Andy, this is something that definitely worth for us to pay attention to. Since you mentioned that the bubble view from raw data is not usable, would you please specify the use scenarios for the corrective stitched-together image for us to have a better understanding of the feature value?