• RE: Get panorama image from IVION

    Hi Bart,<br> <br> nice to meet again!<br> <br> Have a look at the&nbsp;<a href="https://ivion-api.docs.navvis.com/v10.4.1/reference/interfaces/mainviewinterface#getImage">MainView</a>&nbsp;Interface.<br> You can access it directly from your browsers webconsole using<br> &nbsp; <div class="linenums prettyprint">​​​​​​​<code>IV.getMainView().getImage()</code><br> <br> Regards<br> Matthias</div>
  • RE: Migrating apps to IVION

    Since most of the ConfigurationInterface was removed:
    Several properties from ConfigurationInterface were removed since they are now "site scoped": core.init.*, core.map.*, info.*, layers.*, menu.*, poi.*,
    routing.*, site_model_search.*, ui.*

    Could you please give an example on how to set configurations properties via FrontendAPI? For example if I want the LocationMarkerLayer visibility been set to false. Or I want to hide the secundary view window.

    Thank you,