• RE: VLX Capability

    Hi peter,
    we expect to have the new VLX in our hands by mid october.
    I can assure you we will try to find the limits of this fabulous piece of equipment as fast as possible.
    we have projects coming up for large diameter water pump shafts, bridges, wharfs, historic gardens (buried ancient cooking pits) archaelogy dig sites, buildings roof cavities, factroy sites, grain silos, power substation yards and buildings, power genration service tunnels, and the list goes on.

    We will post as much of this via linkedin and facebook, so be sure to keep a look out. (wyreframe.co.nz)
    happy to share success and learnings as we go.

    Stay well
  • RE: Revit Add on

    Thank You laurin!
    this would be wonderful for our architectural client.
    great news.
  • Revit Add on

    Hi there,
    I have an architecture client who wishes to use the autodesk plugin.
    while trying to set this up, I notice the add on is renamed to the IVION plugin, at the autodesk store.
    we have downloaded and installed the add on, created the tie points as POI in the indoor viewer.
    when trying to connect the model in revit, to the instance, we get a warning showing our instance is not a valid IVION instance.
    We host our own instances currently.
    I have added an image that shows this warning.

    Do we have to have our instances hosted on the navvis ivion platform for this revit plugin to work?

    How can we connect our clients with their revit model and their instance, made available through the following address:
    All help and advice appreciated.

  • RE: E57 File upload

    Thank you so much Laurin, appreciate the intel.
     another learning curve!
    hope you are all well.

    many thanks
  • RE: VLX Capability

    Thank you Youlin,
    we can handle a noisy boat trailing point cloud, with a realtivley good scan of the wharf. this is still leaps and bounds ahead of anyhting else on the market, which is why we have a huge list of these to do.
    Do you see a means to delete / hide sections of unwanted cloud in the indoor viewer in the future, or is this too complex a scenario.

    Thank you mate

    speak soon.

  • RE: E57 File upload

    Hi Laurin,
    thank you so much for your repsonse.
    I have pasted a link to one of the files, as a way to quickly check the file types. bottom of thread.

    I notice when using the lidar ipad, there are a couple of options;
    1. you can epxort the raw point cloud as a range of typical types, .e57, las, ply
    or 2: you can process the scan on the ipad, and then export. I noticed that processing them placed a mesh over the cloud, so tried a simple export of unprocessed scan as .e57. neither file type worked. 
    I did notice that i could not open the files in FARO Scene-as thought this might enable me to transform and rotate the cloud into the correct orientation, and export out, but with no joy.

    any advice is appeciated.
    cant wait ot get the VLX to be honest....
    Google Drive link


    thank you!!
  • E57 File upload

    HI there!
    quick question regards e57 files from alternative sources.

    has anyone tried using ipad pro lidar to scan tight small spots and had successful upload to indoorviewer?

    We have used alternative e57 files from drones and a FARO scanner in the past, but for some reason the ipad e57 files do not work.

    we have tried as both processeed and raw e57 files, as i noticed processing them produced a mesh, tried multiple ways with no success.

    any help or advice appreciated.

    Hope you are all well

  • RE: VLX Capability

    Hi Youlin,
    thanks for the prompt reply!
    I have attached a small image of the wharf in question.

    My question was around the slam coping with being in a boat, so technically the "boat floor mapped area" does not change (as we are static in the boat), but the ceiling above it does, as we move slowly underneath the wharf.

    would the VLX "consider" itself static, in one position in the boat, and the mapped ceiling above us appear blurry like a revolving door? we would end up with a lovely scan of the boat floor area, and a blurry ceiling  / underside of wharf?

    Many thanks

  • VLX Capability

    Hello Navvis family!

    question about VLX capability.
    how would the vlx cope being used under a marine structure, such as a wharf?

    we are able to walk some of the underside (easy part) and some from a small boat, at slow walking pace, with suitable headroom from the vlx to underside structure (appx 2-3m)

    I would imagine the vlx would have issues as the floor (boat) is static, while the ceiling (underside wharf) is "moving".
    SLAM issues getting lost?

    appreciate the help.

  • RE: Login Disable

    Thank you!
    appreciate the detailed response very much