• RE: onPOIopen not working with POI Link

    Hi Christian, 

    Thanks for reporting this. I agree it seems like this should work when using a POI open - I'll create a ticket for this. 

    In the meantime, a workaround could be to detect that the POI is open, and then just call the openPoi method to emit the correct signal. Example would be: 

                    this.ivApi = iv;

                    this.ivApi.poi.service.onPoiOpen.connect(() => {
                        console.log("onPoiOpen called");
                        return false

                    const currentOpenPoi = iv.poi.service.openedPoi
                    currentOpenPoi ? iv.poi.service.openPoi(currentOpenPoi) : () => {console.log("POI not open")};
  • RE: access to methods via an object instance ?

    Hi Mohamed

    You can of course do this you just need to wait until the api is actually fully loaded into the instance. You could introduce a state into your app which is changed after the getApi promise resolves and then trigger the rest of your calls after that. You also are not tied into using an Object instance with our getApi call if it does not suit your application - it is only a scaffold app we supply.

    Also I notice in the connect call above, you have to return a boolean value otherwise the call will not work.

    Hope this helps,
  • RE: IVION viewer integration in React App

    Hi Helmut, integrating React with ivion is definitely possible. We don't have anything official but I've attached a basic project making use of React together with ivion (making use of react hooks).