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    Hi there was a similar post on the Navis M6/VLX Forum labelled:&nbsp; <p><em><strong>VLX/M6 Feature Request - Editing the name of a dataset following completion of a scan</strong></em><br> <br> I too struggled to find the information. Thank you for posting Jared.<br> <br> I am going to submit this as a request for being able to have them automatically named the dataset instead of date and time.</p>
  • RE: VLX/M6 Feature Request - Editing the name of a dataset following completion of a scan

    HI,<br> I have a similar question to the dataset default folder names when copying off the SD Card onto the computer.&nbsp; Is there a reason why the folders are named by date and time the mapping started?&nbsp; See attached image where this is described in the Data Processing Manual.&nbsp;<strong>Is there way to have the folder, possibly even the quality map_rec.png file,&nbsp; automatically named with the dataset name instead of the date and time?&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong><br> <br> At our company, we have our surveyors go out into the field and capture the data.&nbsp; Then they upload the data folders onto the computer when completed.&nbsp; We then have technicians take and process the datasets.&nbsp; Our technicians do not know when and how our survey team collected the data.&nbsp; Our Survey team sometimes jumps around when scanning.&nbsp; Each scan though is given a dataset name.&nbsp; Would make more sense for our team to be able to easily read the assigned dataset name over trying to open up the json files and extract the names.&nbsp; Also too having the quality map named accordingly to the dataset, or even place the dataset name on the map itself (like a header) would be very informative.<br> <br> I do understand the processing software needing to not have any spaces in the names, but we could have our team name the datasets following those rules.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> <br> Just the Time and date stamps are not really efficient for our workflows and hoping there is a way to change this default.<br> <br> Thank you in advanced!