• RE: Auto Alignment with Measured Control

    Hi Joshua,

    thanks for the question, this sounds like a normal usage support issue.
    I'm opening a support case for you and will reply you there.

    Best, Youlin
  • RE: No quality map found after mapping

    Hi Jason,

    thanks for reaching out to us.

    If you didn't see obvious errors popped up during mapping, and also no obvious error in the log, then yes I think you should be able to process the data correctly.

    Still could you send over the 2021-04-19_NavVis.log to us? I can forward the behaviour to our devs to make further improvements.
    What we've observed is, if the VLX mapping gets very large / long, the qualitymap generation, which is at the end of the finalisation stage might fail, due to resource bottleneck, mainly on the RAMs. However, the essential data for processing are already saved prior to qualitymap generation during mapping.

    Of course, if the processing failed for any reason, let us know we need a separate support case to investigate further.

    Best, Youlin
  • RE: VLX/M6 Feature Request - Editing the name of a dataset following completion of a scan

    Hi Jason,

    thanks for the request, I think it makes sense to have such feature in the UI. 

    Just for now a workaround that can reach the desired result:
    • after the mapping, jump out of the mappnig UI first
    • Open Folders, then open datasets_rec/<Your_Last_Mapping>/dataset.json file
    • Manually change the "name" field in the second line
    I'm also attaching a screenshot that describes the above steps, hope that's clearer.
    On M6 I think it's easier to do, on VLX could be harder because of the smaller screen.

    In the meantime I'll provide this feedback to our devs on the feature.
    Best, Youlin
  • RE: Change the VLX size during mapping

    Hi Laurin,

    thanks for putting up the question! 

    A short anwser to your question is no. It is not recommended to change the size of your adjustment plate during your mapping.
    Especially when you have already taken some control points and already selected the size of your plate, in this scenario changing the plate size will corrupt the processing accuracy.

    If you haven't taken any control points, then theoretically you can still change the size of the plate, and set the size on your first control point recording. But again, it's always recommended to have a set size in the beginning and not changing during mapping.

    Best, Youlin