• Embedded Pano in .e57

    I've noticed a new Panorama setting on the cloud processing tool (or maybe old, and I'm newly noticing). But it allows me to include the pano in the .e57 point cloud. 

    I was expecting that when I imported that .e57 into recap to create a .rcp I would then get mirror balls similar to what I see with Leica workflow or similar (as you can imagine I was excited about this prospect). 

    But when I downloaded my .e57 and then imported and indexed into Recap I can find the mirror balls or the panos. 

    So I'm wondering if anyone has been successful in getting a .rcp with panos from the embedded .e57 - or am I missing the purpose entirely and there's another functionality of this feature I'm not seeing. 
  • How are Maps generated?


    In IVION I'm trying to understand what the best way to generate Maps for outdoor areas - specifically where the topography varies significantly. Generally what I do is I create a building and floor for the area I'm trying to capture, then in site model I set the underside of my floor below the lowest point of my scan, and the highest point of the floor a few feet above my high point. 

    But I find that if the topography varies significantly then the map doesn't generate properly - generally missing large areas as though the map is only generating for points some distance above my bottom of floor. 

    so I guess my question is 2-fold; 
    1. Is there a better way of trying to capture outdoor spaces in IVION? 
    2. How does the map generator work - perhaps I can be smarter about setting my floor areas to suit the plan (Ie, does it generate to the mid-point - in which case maybe I should stretch my floor to be taller arbitrarily). 

  • RE: VLX Capability

    Hi Ben, 

    I'm posting to request an update to your scenario. 

    Did you carry out the scan from a boat - and if so how were the results? 

    I curious because I've had similar scenarios a number of times with requests to scan from a hoist or boom lift but I've always declined because I assumed the lift itself would become the static object. It sounds like your scenario would be a great experiment. 

  • RE: Changing Universal User Group Permissions

    thank-you, yes if you can convert this post to a feature request that would be great. 

    but in terms of additions no - just more control over default user permissions. 
  • RE: Changing Universal User Group Permissions

    maybe something to consider for future, I think either universal customization for the admin user - or just defaulting measurement at the viewer level would be an advantage. 

    as a training it's another step I need to train my staff to initiate in every instance - because I can't possibly imagine a scenario where I don't want a viewer level permission to have access to that tool. 

    I'm not sure how other users feel about this - maybe I'm the minority. 
  • RE: How to Export .xml from Ivion

    Hi Menghui, 

    Yes I was referring to the alignment .xml. 

    Is that file no longer being used? Because I still like to work with indoor viewer on a local machine, then run the nv_cloudtransform command in terminal. 

    This workflow is fantastic with local site maker processing - so I don't have to download big .bundle files for archiving (I only need to keep the .nvd and the .xml) - also saves a ton of time as opposed to trying to download the .e57 through crop and download. 

    Maybe this is just a feature request now then - but it would be nice to bring that feature back, it saved me tons of time, bandwidth, and data storage! 
  • Changing Universal User Group Permissions

    Is it possible to change the default settings for the standard user groups in IVION? 

    I want to modify the default settings so that a user set to Viewer always has the measurement tool enabled - it only seems to work if I have the instance set to public. But if the instance is set to private then I have to manually update the group permissions in each instance separately. 

    So it would be nice if I could modify the default settings for viewer so that they have access to the measurement tool always. Just wondering if that's possible and I just can't find out where.  

  • How to Export .xml from Ivion

    I'm trying to pull out the .xml file of a bundle in Ivion and I can't seem to be able to find it. We used to be able to download it on Indoor Viewer through dataset alignment (I believe). 

    Has that feature been removed? 
  • RE: unmeasured GCPs using cloud processing

    Hi Nancy, 

    How does one use unmeasured ground control points with desktop - in that case we don't have an alignment anchor_poses.csv file?