• RE: Coordinates in "Mark and Measure"

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your quick response!

    Also, good to hear that the functionality is in the pipeline. :-)

    The site coordinates would be handy when the data for the site hasn't been georeferenced, but for the main part the coordinates of the SRS would be the most valuable information.

    Kind regards
  • Coordinates in "Mark and Measure"

    Hi guys,

    I've just tested the new functionalities within Mark & Measure and I think it's a great improvement. Good job!

    However, I'm still looking for a quick and easy way to to view and extract the coordinates from a point measurement within a spatial reference system. As of now the cursor coordinates only display the correct Z value, but for X and Y the coordinates seems to relate to the site base point. 

    Are there any settings available to view the coordinates from the spatial reference system instead? And is it possible to integrate this information in the export of the measurements? 

    Kind regards
    Mattias Glaad
  • RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    Hi Richard,

    Thumbs up on the request!

    My clients use a workaround using POI's to extract coordinates. It's not as accurate as one would hope for (from placing POI's in the panoramic view) but we at least get an idea of the XYZ information. You find the information on the advanced tab of the POI. 

    Maybe you knew this already, but for me this was a huge plus.

    Kind Regards

    Mattias Glaad, Projektstrateg, Sweden