• RE: Embedded Pano in .e57

    Hi all!

    Thank you Steven for that information! I will give a try to this custom argument!

    @Nancy, is it part of your roadmap to include the possibility to export e57 with embeded images with the Crop and download functionality?
    Currently, we are limited to either using control points or a single dataset in order to retreive e57 with images.

    It would be very cool to be able to align multiple dataset (without control points) with the Ivion Alignement tool and export the aligned result as an e57 (with embeded aligned images). 

    Thank you!

    In IVION's "Crop & Download" the functionality is currently not available.

  • Panorama distortion


    I was wondering if there's any update regarding the panorama distortion issue? 
    Mostly all panoramas have distortion. Obviously it appear worst with close object.

    I know that the pointcloud colorization is fine but it would be great to have good panoramas too.

    I added some screenshot examples. I can add more if required.

    A lot of my clients use the panorama view to navigate.