• Feature request: Building layer to map

    I have an Ivion instance with multiple buildings, and will eventually multiple sites each with multiple buildings.
    I would like to be able to select a building layer similar to selecting a Dataset or Room layer on the map, but this should not based on a floor selected. I have multiple buildings with various floor height and many/most do not overlap.
    Building #1 Floor heights 0m / +2m / +4m
    Building #2 Floor heights +15m / +17m / +19m / +21m / +23m
    Building #3 Floor height +60m / +62m / +64m
    Floor selector will be B#1-1 / B#1-2 / B#1-3 / B#2-1 / B#2-2 / B#2-3 / B#2-4 / B#2-5 / B#3-1 / B#3-2 / B#3-3
    So with a floor selected I can only select the data from that corresponding building.
    A dataset/room is only visible if you have selected a Floor that the dataset/floor belongs to.  But in the building layer I would like to see the buildings regardless of what floor is chosen.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Do you think this could be possible to add?

    Best regards
    Jón B