• RE: Options for Sharing IVION Tours

    Hi Doug,<br> <br> If both the instance and site are set to public and&nbsp;the bundle read-permissions is set to Everyone (to allow access to the navigation graph), then you should be able to just share the URL to the tour directly.<br> <br> Best<br> Lisa<br> <br> Product Manager, IVION
  • RE: Coordinates in "Mark and Measure"

    Hi Mattias,<br> <br> Thanks for the note. Currently we use the base point of the site coordinate system as the reference for the coordinates. We will look into an option to use the SRS and also including it in the export.<br> <br> Are there scenarios when you'd need both the site coordinates and the spatial coordinates?<br> <br> Thanks!<br> <br> Lisa<br> <br> Head of Product, IVION&nbsp;
  • RE: Updating and IVION instance while processing in the cloud

    Hi Jason,

    If the datasets are already processing they'll continue to process. Any datasets that are uploading though would be cancelled and need to be resumed. Any other jobs e.g. generating maps would be cancelled and need to be restarted.

    Sorry for the delay. Hope that helps.