• RE: Feature Request: 360° Pano JPG Viewer (POI)

    @Bart: why don't you post a screenshot so everybody can view it?
  • RE: Feature Request: 360° Pano JPG Viewer (POI)

    Splendid, Bart. A nice integration, indeed :-)
  • RE: IVION: Visual Index generation

    Laurin, I used of course the standard way of accessing documentation, which is https://support.navvis.com/ (Resources/Documentation) to read up and copy/paste the how-to part in my initial message. Little did I know that there is now a different document-repository, nor that I have to use a different way of achieving the required re-indexing. 

    Kudos to you guys for making an already complicated process step even more complicated and frustrating! Ah I see, retro is hip these days and you wanted to have us do cryptic stuff like in the early days of M3 again... :-/
  • IVION: Visual Index generation

    I wanted (well, needed to as in must) to generate the update Visual Index, after the Cloud instance was moved to IVION 10.

    1) Downloaded and extracted bundle file (just one dataset, so simple)
    2) Updated via sudo apt-get all the packages
    3) Ran Visual Index generator, well wanted to, accoding to the manual which states:

    To set up NavVis Positioning for your site, you must generate a visual index. In case you grouped your datasets in multiple bundles, you must generate a separate visual index for each dataset bundle.

    On your data processing machine, run navvis-visual-index-generator on the command line:

    navvis-visual-index-generator /project_folder/datasets_web/bundle*.xml

    4) Where in the world is my bundle xml file, that the generator syntax needs?, it is nowhere to be found in the extracted bundle folder?
    5) Stalled... :-/
  • Feature Request: Visual Index generation from w/in IVION viewer

    Yet another Feature Request: Having to download (super-large) bundle files just to be able to generate a new Visual Index for IVION is cumbersome (that would be a euphemism). After download, you need to spend time and look up how it works again, to use the command line command, and upload the finished result back into the instance. For the system and you guys, it is basically running some scripts and AWS tools - for us users it is time-consuming and annoying, to say the least.Why is it not possible to have it the Visual Index generated from within IVION - after all, all the data is there already?
  • RE: Feature Request: Multiple NavGraphs for one location

    Yep, you nailed it. User group based NavGraphs. You should be able to duplicate the default NavGraph, have it in a different color, be able to switch on /off visibility of NavGraph layers (for when editing them).

    Use case example, office environment:
    - Routing for Visitors (only conference rooms through (semi-)public area; even if that means less efficient (longer) way)
    - Routing for Wheel Chair users (NO stairs, only doors than can be opened while sitting in a chair)
    - Routing for tenant companies x y z in same building (again, maybe not the fastest direct route) 

    Use case example, factory:
    - Routing for safety gear wearing and trained personal (to protect man an/or machine (EM))
    - Routing for white collar workers within factory (bypassing potential safety hazard zones)
    - Routing for gear hauling persons (not being able to fit through standard doors, over steps, etc.)

    Use case example, museum:
    - Routing for Security Guards (which ideally can be randomized)
    - Routing for Visitors interested in exhibition topics a, b, c

  • RE: Feature Request: 360° Pano JPG Viewer (POI)

    Thank you, Laurin. Yep, using a 3rd party service works - but I would like to avoid the complexities in terms of IT-sec-sign-off and the order process in an enterprise context. So yes, an integration would be very much appreciated :-)
  • Feature Request: Multiple NavGraphs for one location

    In order to be able to provide navigation to various stakeholders/user/abilities for within one location, we would appreciate very much the feature of having multiple assignable NavGraphs. In a factory environment you could then have specific routes of navigation for service technicans, visitors, hard hat wearers etc.  With the current implementation you would have to duplicate (!) a complete location (double/triple/x-times the cost) just to have to abilitiy to have different routing possibilities. A no-go, so to speak...
  • Feature Request: 360° Pano JPG Viewer (POI)

    Hi guys, feature request ("wishful thinking") for the JPG viewer: it would great if we could import standard 360° JPGs (coming off consumer action cams, such as the INSTA360 line) into the POI Media Viewer, which parses the meta tags, recognizes the JPG as 360° photo, and then is able to display it properly (so a user can rotate around). This is, for example, possible to do in Facebook. Just drag a 360° photo into your timeline, it then gets displayed as such (read, not a stretched flat JPG, but rotatable). Main use case for us would be to easy "update a scan" without having to re-scan and go throu the heavy-lifting work. A POI of a slightly renovated room is typically fine, and can be used until re-scan is planned anyways. It also helps to illustrate inside of machinery, or allows for a closer look where even a VLX can't go.
  • RE: crop and download function

    Veit, this does not help you if you have on-premise / on-own-cloud setups...