• RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    Hi Laurin

    This feature would be most useful to me when I'm working with the pointcloud data in CAD. Being able to query the XYZ coordinates (particularly Z) in the viewer would then help me to isolate the corresponding features in the cloud that I am looking to draw/work with.

    I guess this feature would also be useful to clients that we provide the digital twin to, allowing them to query any locations that are relevant to them. The measuring tools are great for obtaining measurements relative to other points, but the XYZ feature would add an extra useful option for standalone values.

    Many thanks for your continued development on this!
  • RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    Thanks for the tip, Matthias! That's a useful work-around - much appreciated!
  • RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    Many thanks, Laurin!
  • Feature request - XYZ coords

    Very simply: as part of the measurement functions, would it be possible to query the xyz of points within the viewer, rather than just measuring distances between points?