• Feature Request: Increase Site name in user window

    There is a cut off for the site name when assigning permissions to a user, which can be very confusing when having multiple site with the same prefix.

    Something as simple as a mouse-over-hover to display the full name, or the ability to resize the text area.

  • RE: Feature Request: Dataset Processing - Time Truncate

    This is a great idea, and I would +1 this
  • RE: Feature Request - mm measurement

    +1 also as we deliver all of our surveys in mm
  • RE: Archiving Procedure

    Good Question.

    I don't know the answer, but would suggest you do a quick test for yourself...

    Do two small scans, then upload and process them.
    Then download the bundle.
    Then delete everything and upload the bundle and see what happens...

    My initial thought is that you would need to keep the raw data files, and the bundle file contains the alignment, so if you ever need to visit the project again, you would upload the raw data files and the bundle?

    If you do the test, it would be helpful if you posted you results here :-)
  • RE: Project name in Raw data

    I have found this now. In case anyone else needs to know:<br> <br> In the folder [data] &gt; [dataset_rec] &gt; [date_of_your_data] &gt; [logs]<br> there is a .log text file with (date)_NavVis.<br> <br> Open this and search for "name="<br> <br> It will have the name you gave your dataset on site
  • Project name in Raw data

    In the datasets_rec folder, where all the captured projects are found, they are listed by date captured.

    Sometimes we have multiple projects scanned in a single day. Where can I look to find the name of the project/datasets that we have given at the start of each scan. I assume it is saved somewhere perhaps in the log file?
  • RE: Feature Request: Create NavGraph from scratch

    Attached is image for my previous post
  • RE: How are Maps generated?

    Hi Laurin.

    Thanks for your reply. I dont think it is understood what I mean by selecting multiple nodes at once.

    In order to select nodes in an area, I have to click on each individual node. It would be handy if I could click and hold to drag a box around multiple nodes to select them all, and then delete.
  • Feature Request: Create NavGraph from scratch

    Currently, the only way to get going with a Navgraph is to automatically generate one, and then edit it. This is a very cumbersome task, as the automatically generated graph often creates a very dense network of nodes and connections.

    You then have to click on each node and delete it (Which is another feature request I would propose: selecting multiple nodes at once).

    It would be easier to have to option of starting a navgraph from scratch, and customising the path from the beginning, instead of reverse engineering it by deleting whats not required of the automatically generated network.

    In the image attached, i have my building that I want to create a path through, and because I scanned the externals as well, the program is trying to create a navigation path for all the outerlying topography.

    Unless there is a way to start a navigraph from scratch?
  • RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    I second this feature request. Just like Richard, we also work with the cloud data in CAD, and having the Z value obtainable in the viewer is very handy