• RE: VLX/M6 Feature Request - Editing the name of a dataset following completion of a scan

    +1 for the ability to change the naming convention, meta notes, and viewing the the timestamp info before processing. Good feedback from Carl
  • Use of TLS data within Ivion Core

    Hi All,

    Has anyone else found that the way Ivion uses external data from a TLS system has changed in the newest versions?

    In the past I have uploaded data from a Z+F 5016 and the panoramic images worked great, you could interact with the dataset exactly the same as you would with data from the VLX. This seems to have changed and now I can no longer use the panoramic images or create an overview map from the imagery contained within the E57 file.
    I have tried several different ways to get this to work like before but unfortunately cannot seem to get what I need. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • RE: How are Maps generated?

    Hi Laurin,

    I have also come across the problem of creating site maps when there is a large deviation in Z height. Could you give us any idea to if this has been accepted onto the future updates and if so when are we likely to see this implemented?

    I think a multiple selection box for the nodes on the navigation graph editor would be a big time saver. Currently it is a little frustrating when working in the graph editor, it could be optimised and improved but I think NavVis are aware of this. The principle is great, and I think it is a very useful tool, just a bit of tweaking to improve the UI.