• RE: Forwarding Web Traffic To IVION

    After some more troubleshooting I'm no longer getting any 500 errors. However, I'm now getting an authentication error.

    {"msg":"Full authentication is required to access this resource","exception":"org.springframework.security.access.AccessDeniedException"}

    What's interesting is that this is not a normal IIS error I've seen when troubleshooting. It only displays as plain text.
  • RE: Forwarding Web Traffic To IVION

    Laurin, thanks for the response. I'm not expecting any official NavVis support for our web server but am just looking to see if any other IVION users have users have tried anything similar. If I'm able to come up with a solution I'll be sure to post it here for the rest of the user community.

  • Forwarding Web Traffic To IVION

    Disclaimer - IP addresses and hostnames have been changed to protect the innocent

    Hello Everyone

    I recently deployed IVION for the first time (successfully I might add) to an internal server and have been asked to make it accessible to external users. We have a web server running IIS that I have full access to so I hoped over there to make some config changes.

    First I confirmed that I could resolve the IVION instance from the web server. I plopped '' in the browser on that machine and the IVION login page popped right up.

    Next I followed the documentation here (Documentation Link) to set up a reverse proxy using URL Rewrite.

    My desired outcome is to have external users access IVION using https://my.work.com/iv

    I'm getting an error after creating the rewrite:

    HTTP Error 500.52 - URL Rewrite Module Error.

    Outbound rewrite rules cannot be applied when the content of the HTTP response is encoded ("gzip").

    From what I can tell responses that are coming from the back-end server are using HTTP Compression, and URL rewrite cannot modify a response that is already compressed. This causes a processing error for the outbound rule resulting in the 500.52 status code.

    I've followed the additional documentation bust still can't get past this error.

    I'm wondering if any admins out there in IVION land have had a similar experience?