• RE: Starting point to call REST API from CURL

    Hello Shahzad,
    i guess you can set your cloud-instance URL as the endpoint instead of localhost. Would this work?
    Also i suggest to use the actual API doc v10.3.3 via our Portal.

  • RE: Point cloud download speed

    Hello Chuck,
    that sounds slow indeed. In case you still face this issue i propose to file a support case for your affected instance.

    As you said in most cases the network speed is the bottleneck.

  • RE: Structured point cloud

    Hello Scott,<br> can you explain more the "huge need" of structured pointcloud from VLX? Is it just for meshing purpose?&nbsp;<br> A lot of customers love the small size of our data and the corresponding coverage. Modelling with our pointclouds works perfectly fine.<br> <br> Also thank you for your business proposal, i will forward to our management ;-)<br> <br> <br> Regards<br> Veit
  • RE: Corrupted POI export

    Hello Sandro,<br> what issue in particular you see in the export? I just see for line item 16 and 18 strange coordinates which might be caused by incorrect located or POSTed POI. Whatever you find strange, is this when using the POI export in IVION directly or via API based app?<br> <br> <br> Best&nbsp;<br> Veit
  • RE: Replacing panoramic images on IVION

    Hi Mate,
    when i understand you correct, you process on a local machine and has access to datasets_proc with pano folder. As soon you have modified the images and considering the hints from Laurin do keep the format and pixels, you can simply go next step for web-processing. The resulting NVD files you can upload to Ivion. In case it is the same file name, it will be directly replaced. Otherwise do the dataset alignment etc.... Thats it.

  • RE: crop and download function

    Hi Christian,
    in case a user need pointclouds of whole floors or the complete site to e.g. create a BIM model out of it i rather suggest to download the pointcloud file generaly from the cloud processing add-on and store it on a defined project folder to grant access to the files for involved team and importing to 3rd party CAD tools. That way you also ensure to not forget any part of the scanned area and have everything in the downloaded files.

  • RE: Change the VLX size during mapping

    Hi Laurin,
    one more remark on that question. In case you need to hand-over the device to another colleague to continue mapping by any reason, i suggest to first finish the actual dataset. When the colleague start new dataset and might capture CP he get anyway asked for the size. This should be the easiest way to handle a situation as described by you above.