• RE: Large residuals blocking processing

    Hi Chuck,

    Thank you for your post. This seems like a problem that requires deeper investigation. Several things come to my mind like the dataset being incomplete, GCPs being in a different coordinate system, or just an internal cloud processing bug. I will open up a support case with you and follow up with further details I need for the troubleshooting. Thank you for understanging.

  • RE: M6 Command to Format the SD Cards

    Hi Samm,

    Thank you for you post in the forum. If I may ask, why are you interested in wiping the SD cards in your M6?

    The SD cards are by default wiped after every mapping. They are just used to temporarily store the images during the mapping and when you finish it, the images get transferred to the SSD with all the other mapping data. Afterwards, the software formats the SD cards.

    What you saw in the update notes was a fix for a rare bug that would cause the mapping to not get finalized properly. Only if you encounter this situation would the option to manually wipe the SD cards pop up on your screen. I don't expect that you would ever get this as later updates have removed the rare bug.

  • RE: How to calculate the global yaw, pitch, roll of the 360 image according to the pano-poses.csv?

    Hi Zheng,
    Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply. For quick conversions you can use an online converter like https://www.andre-gaschler.com/rotationconverter/ 

    If you are interested in the mathematics of the conversion or how you can implement a code to automate the process, Wikipedia has a really nice article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_between_quaternions_and_Euler_angles

    Again, for automating it there are already very fast and efficient built-in libraries that you can use (Python, C++, etc.).

  • RE: SSD not recognized after exfat formatting

    Hi Laurin,

    I had this issue before and remember a few things I needed to check to solve it. But first, your device must be running software version 2.7.0 or higher. If that is the case then try taking out the SSD, close the mapping UI and open File Manager on device's Ubuntu. Check if there are any folders under /srv folder. Just remove any folder you find in /srv. That solved it for me and you can put your SSD back into the device.

    If however the /srv folder was already empty, I would put back the SSD and try to mount it from the "Disks" application.

    Good luck!