• RE: Control Point Format

    Hi Dan!<br> <br> You can find the instructions, how to set up the control point file for Cloud Processing ehre in our documentation:&nbsp;https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-setup/processing-data-in-navvis-cloud#control-points-file-structure<br> <br> And you can find the instructions for on-premise setup in Desktop Processing of control point files here:&nbsp;https://docs.navvis.com/mapping/current/en/html/slam_anchor_reference.html#slam-anchor-poses-file<br> <br> Please be aware, that it's important to use a right-handed coordinate system of X, Y, Z.<br> Additionally, if you are using a spatial reference system, then X, Y, Z equals Easting, Northing, Height<br> <br> Hope that gives you all the info you need!<br> Best,<br> Nancy
  • RE: Drift errors on multiple datasets

    Hi Tim!

    Really good that you are reaching out. When SLAM drift or breaks appear in the data this is what to look out for:

    Is the live map during the scan already breaking a lot? Then this might be a too hard environment for the VLX to run mobile mapping, maybe because there are too many moving objects in the scene, too many repeating structures or just not enough objects close-by.

    Is the live map during the scan a bit drifting? No worries, this will likely be fixed after post-processing the raw data.

    Is the live map looking good, but drifts and breaks appear only AFTER post-processing? Then this is definitely something we as NavVis want to learn about, so feel free to add a Support Ticket with our Customer Experience Team and we will see what's causing this and try to fix the data for you.

    We care a lot about data quality and especially the last case should not exist. If you report this, we have a chance to improve this in the long run.

  • RE: Embedded Pano in .e57

    Hi Peter!

    We have indeed just released this feature to the Cloud Processing add-on in IVION.
    NavVis created e57 files with embedded panoramas are not compatible with Recap best to our knowledge. Our devices are mobile mappings systems and therefore create by definition unstructured point clouds as compared to static scanners. Recap and most other 3rd party tools still support structured point clouds with embedded panos only though.

    As of today (Jan 2022), our NavVis e57 files with embedded panos are compatible with:
    AVEVA, Prevu3D, PTC, Leica Cyclone 3DR Viewer, Cloud Compare

    And best to our knowledge, these do not support unstructured point clouds with embedded panos:
    Leica Cyclone, Recap, Faro Scene LT

    It might be worth sharing a feature request with these Software providers since I don't think mobile mapping is going to disappear anymore. We as NavVis will definitely stay on this topic to see how we can improve on compatibility in the future.
    Hope this helps you!

    Nancy from NavVis Support
  • RE: Error: Data Authentication Failed for File

    Hi Justin!
    There can be multiple issues causing this error message.
    Please check out these two things first:

    1. Check the System Software version this dataset was captured with and compare it to the Desktop Processing Software Version you have installed.
    This can happen if all datasets are affected. You can find the first in the file /datasets_rec/<dataset_id>/dataset.json. The second you can find in SiteMaker, when processing is started in the progress log or in the post-processing log in /datasets_proc/<dataset_id>/logs/proc/postprocessing.log.
    The Desktop Processing Software must always be equal or higher as the System Software. If this is not the case, please run an update of the Software.

    2. Recopy the dataset from the original IMMS SSD.
    When authentication fails on only one specific bagfile for one specific dataset, then there might have appeared an issue when copying the dataset to your storage. Try to redo and process again.

    If this doesn't help and you want to reach out to NavVis Support, these information will be very helpful and speed up an answer:
    - The zipped processing logs of the failing dataset: /datasets_proc/<dataset_id>/logs/
    - What did you already try to resolve the problem?
    - Are all datasets affected? For a specific IMMS you own only?

    I hope that helps you out!
  • RE: Updating NavVis SiteMaker

    Hi Fiseha!

    I am not sure about "RGB and Color scans". NavVis VLX and M6 pointclouds have always been colored with RGB values for each point.
    You can sign-up for updates on our Software releases here: https://www.navvis.com/software-releases

    To update SiteMaker, you need to update the Ubuntu workstation you are working on. You can follow our instructions in the documentation on this:
    - UI update: https://docs.navvis.com/mapping/v2.12.1/en/html/updating.html#updating-via-the-graphical-user-interface
    - Terminal update: https://docs.navvis.com/mapping/v2.12.1/en/html/updating.html#updating-via-the-command-line

    Please remember: you need to restart the workstation after the update. Only then post-processing works as usual.
  • RE: Unordered Scans

    There is currently no option available to convert unstructured/unordered pointclouds from NavVis scanners to structured/ordered ones. As you probably know, the information structured pointclouds contain about scanner position, laser angles and timing is especially valid and meaningful for static scanners. But this information is not available for mobile scanners, especially for the filtered and optimized pointclouds of NavVis mobile mapping systems.
    NavVis pointclouds do contain normals (and intensity and RGB values) though, which would be necessary for meshing.
  • RE: 【Immediately】tell me the cause of the Post Processing error

    Hi Dan!

    This looks like a problem which would need deeper investigation since I actually expect your data to be fine.

    I will set up a case for you with our Support team to investigate that further.



  • RE: 【Immediately】tell me the cause of the Post Processing error

    Hi Shizuo!

    I had a look at the log you shared and found the following line:
    [08:56:26]   what():  data integrity error was detected in the compressed data

    It indicates, that the copying action from your IMMS SSD to your local PC wasn't successfull and corrupted the data. Therefore, please get access to the original data again and copy it again.

    An additional note: This is our Help Forum, where we can give help on a broad range of topics where no customer, device history or data analysis is neccessary. However, if post-processing fails for specific datasets, we usually need access to more logs, the device itself or the dataset to investigate. From your [immediately] headline, I further assume that this is an urgent question for you. When you have another issue like this, please use the Support Case functionality here in our Portal or reach out to our Support Help (support@navvis.com), where urgent issues and technical problems can be solved way better.

  • RE: No quality map found after mapping

    Hi Jason!

    We got new information on the issue you reported. The missing quality map was caused by another issue, which as a main effect introduced lags in the UI. Since the latter issue was already adressed in our newest release 2.10.0, please go forward and update your VLX.

    Please let us know, if you see this issue again, but we expect it not to reappear again due to extensive testing inhouse.

  • RE: No quality map found after mapping

    Good to know you're already running on 2.9.0. We actually just noticed, that the behavior got improved a lot by 2.9.0, but is not fully gone yet. We'll keep on working on this issue.
    Glad to hear, that processing went smooth, this is what we expected and always happy to see that confirmed. =)