• RE: Allow "crop & download" for user group Everyone

    Hi Stefan,&#160;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here. Crop and Download is a feature which is only available for (Global/Site) Admins or Editors I'm afraid. There is no way to enable this feature for the Everyone group. Please find more information on this in our documentation:&#160;<a href="https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-end-user/advanced-functions/cropping-and-downloading-point-clouds">https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-end-user/advanced-functions/cropping-and-downloading-point-clouds</a><br> <br> I hope this helps. Let me know if there's any question from your side.&#160;<br> <br> Best regards,&#160;<br> Laurin
  • RE: Multiple buildings in site model

    Hi Kilian,&#160;<br> <br> thanks for sharing. That's some great news. New buildings are normally created on the ground level, but if your other buildings were sitting on another height it's definitely possible that this was causing your issue.&#160;<br> <br> Have a great day!&#160;<br> <br> Best, Laurin
  • RE: Get ID of user placing POIs

    Hey Joe,&#160;<br> <br> thanks for this question. It's an interesting one indeed.<br> Would you be able to share the solution that you came up with so that everybody here in the forum can benefit from it?&#160;<br> <br> Best, Laurin
  • RE: Multiple buildings in site model

    Hi Kilian, hi Anders,&#160;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here. I just read through the conversation that you're having and wanted to confirm the information that Anders shared in his latest post. This is indeed the way to go and the datasets should then be assigned to the correct building/floor, if they don't then please double check that the scan positions from that particular dataset are encapsulated inside the bounding box.<br> <br> More information can be found in our docs (https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-setup/creating-a-site-model/creating-a-site-model-manually) and in Module 5 of our e-learning Academy (https://academy.navvis.com/course/play/6397070dd2b894afaefbe22f?pathSessionId=62c68b3032f9c6e736cdda9a). If you're still struggling please contact NavVis Support and we'll take a deeper look at the matter.<br> <br> I hope this helps. Let me know if there's any question or concerns from your side.&#160;<br> <br> Best, Laurin&#160;
  • RE: Feature Request - POI handling. Listing, more subcategories, and user-defined visibility.

    Hi Anders,&#160;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here, thanks for making us aware of these shortcomings. I have summarized your requests and forwarded them to the product team. I think all of your ideas would be very beneficial for our customers and I can see how they might add value.&#160;<br> <br> The product team will now review your input and see how and when those ideas might be implemented.<br> <br> Thanks for your valuable feedback. Have a great day.&#160;<br> <br> Best regards,&#160;<br> Laurin
  • RE: IVION Update - VLX data compatibility

    Hi Antoine, 

    Laurin from NavVis here. Thanks for raising this question, I hope you have found an answer to your question meanwhile. If in doubt with such questions it's advised to contact NavVis Customer Support since this forum is not monitored or managed by NavVis internals but rather a place to connect to other NavVis users. 

    Nevertheless coming back to your question rest assured that your datasets will be compatible with IVION after the update to NavVis System Software v2.15.2. We introduced some breaking changes with v2.13 but since your device is on a newer version IVION will definitely be able to process your data without any issues.

    I hope this helps and answers your question.

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: Image location / Navigation markers on floor is hard to see

    Hi Cesar, hi David, 

    Laurin from NavVis here. First of all thank you for making us aware of this problem, it's actually the first time that I hear of that. Did you contact NavVis Support with this matter already? If not I'd kindly ask you to do so in order for us to collect some examples and more evidence to back a feature request for the product team.

    Looking forward to hear from you. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Feature request: Building layer to map

    Hi Tobias, 

    Laurin from NavVis here. Thanks for sharing an example and for letting us know. Our IVION product team is aware of the shortcomings when it comes to map representation for several overlapping buildings/floors. They're already looking into it and I am optimistic that we can expect some improvements in the future. 

    I know this does not help immediately but if there's anything we can help with to improve the situation please feel free to always reach out to NavVis Customer Support. We're happy to help. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Feature Request - Custom map/photo in site map.

    Hi Anders, hi Pieter, 

    Laurin from NavVis here. Thanks for raising this question regarding custom floor maps. IVION does support DXF Vector maps to be layered on top or instead of the existing floor maps that are generated if that's of any help to you. This feature however can only be activated by our Customer Support since it is not available out of the box. 

    In addition there exists the option to alter the floor maps generated by IVION and enhance them by editing the floor map inside of an image editing tool of your choice. This could be another potential solution for the issue that you're describing. This feature also needs to be actived by our support specialists upon request. 

    If one of the options above sounds reasonable to you please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team. I hope this helps. 

    Best regards, Laurin
  • RE: Feature Request - Improved UI for User and Site Info

    Hi Peter, 

    one question regarding your issue with seeing the sites that a user is part of in the user management screen. What would your ideal solution look like? Do you have any ideas/suggestions on how this could be implemented? 

    Cheers, Laurin