• RE: Extract User

    Hi Florent,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. Thanks for raising your question around extracting user information.&nbsp;This is indeed possible via our exposed REST API, please find the documentation around our APIs here:&nbsp;https://developers.docs.navvis.com/<br> <br> In order to retrieve the user list please check out the following GET request:&nbsp;https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/navvisgmbh/IVION/10.5.0#/api/user_get<br> <br> I hope this helps. Let me know if there's any questions with this.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best, Laurin
  • RE: Disable/Hide Datasets in Panorama View

    Hi Alex,&nbsp;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here, sorry for getting back to you just now. Let me answer your questions one by one:<br> &nbsp; <ol> <li>Yes, you may hide/unhide panoramic images via the ImageInterface which is available via our Frontend API:&nbsp;https://ivion-api.docs.navvis.com/v10.4.3/reference/interfaces/imageinterface#hidden</li> <li>Please find the links here:&nbsp;https://developers.docs.navvis.com/. We also have a good blog article around our API offerings:&nbsp;https://www.navvis.com/blog/a-deep-dive-into-navvis-apis-what-can-i-do-with-them</li> <li>I have to pass on this one unfortunately. If you need further help with this please contact our Customer Support.</li> </ol> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
  • RE: Feature Request - Competitor Capability

    Hi Neil,&nbsp;<br> <br> Laurin from NavVis here. I read the article you shared and I must say that this is a very compelling goal that OpenSpace is trying to achieve. Looks like this could be very helpful when documenting progress in the Construction field.&nbsp;<br> <br> For the time being our focus for IVION lays in registering and publishing scan data in order for it to be shared, inspected and enriched. Using AI to document changes and progress is therefore not yet on our roadmap but I would not rule out this out for any future versions of IVION either. I will most definitely take your idea back to our product team in order for it to be validated.&nbsp;<br> <br> A solution which I do however already see for the time being is that companies like OpenSpace use NavVis scan data to create such given reports for project tracking. They might even integrate with IVION using our exposed REST API to be able to directly extract the panoramas for your respective scan data.&nbsp;<br> <br> I hope this information is helpful to you.<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin<br> <br> &nbsp;
  • RE: Feature Request: "@user" references from POI's

    Hi Neil,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for raising this great idea, it seems like a very valid use case and I will forward this request to our developers in order for them to validate if they can take it onto their roadmap. For the time being you may of course share specific locations via our Share Feature (https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-end-user/basic-functions/sharing#sharing-a-location) but I guess you are well aware of that.&nbsp;<br> <br> Keep coming with such great feature requests, we're happy to hear them.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
  • RE: Feature request: Building layer to map

    Hi Jon,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. In regard to your feature request I tried to understand what specific problem you're facing but from your writing it did not become fully clear to me. As we'd like to understand your issue further I can propose you to approach our Customer Support Team directly via support@navvis.com or by creating a support case directly here in the NavVis Customer Portal. Our Support Engineers can then schedule a session with you in order to fully understand the shortcomings you experience with IVION.&nbsp;<br> <br> I hope this works for you, let me know if there's anything else.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
  • RE: Window Reflections In Point Cloud

    &nbsp;<br> Hi Jason,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. As you might be aware reflections due to mirrors and windows are not uncommon for laser-based scanning devices, in your case however I must admit that the output in form of the pointcloud does suffer greatly from this problem. In order to check wether the problem lays in the processing or if there's any issues with your VLX I would kindly ask you to contact my colleagues via Customer Support (support@navvis.com) as we can provide much better help one to one then inside this public forum.<br> <br> Once you have created a case we will then be able to analyze your problem and provide a meaningful solution to you. Thanks for your understanding.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
  • RE: Use of TLS data within Ivion Core

    Hi Patrick, hi David,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve some of your problems with e57 import. To be fully transparent we do know of the current problems with e57 import and we're trying to improve the situation one step at a time. If you check the changelog for prior IVION releases (such as 10.4.1. for example) there have been some improvements made.&nbsp;<br> <br> If you still run into any issues please ensure however that your e57 file follows the <strong>"Requirements for Panorama Extraction"</strong> documented in our documentation:&nbsp;https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-setup/adding-data-to-a-site/panoramas-from-.e57-files#importing-e57-files. If those requirements are not met with your file exports then IVION cannot process your data correctly.&nbsp;<br> <br> I hope this helps, in case you run into any other problems please don't hesitate to contact NavVis Support.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best,&nbsp;<br> Laurin
  • RE: import point cloud with local coordinate system to indoor viewer

    Hi Christine, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for your inquiry regarding manual dataset alignment in IVION. Since your dataset is not georeferenced it is necessary to tell IVION where exactly you want the data to be located. For that we have the manual alignment tool. Please find more information on that in our documentation: https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-setup/aligning-datasets/aligning-datasets-manually

    I hope this helps, let me know if there's any further questions around this process. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: How are Maps generated?

    Hi Jared, 

    that's a great question and I'm happy to help on this. You can definitely select several nodes at once. To do so just click the "Shift" key when selecting the next node. This should also be on the Hotkey Menu which you can show by entering a "?" on each individual IVION page. Based on the functionality you're using the hotkeys do differ. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any additional help with this. 

    Best regards, 

  • RE: Archiving/reactivation

    Hi Danny, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for posting your question. I am not sure if I understood you correctly, what are you trying to achieve? Can you please describe your intentions a little further?

    If you're asking about the option to archive (backup) existing projects then yes, this option does definitely exist. If you're asking about the option to reactivate and archive cloud instances in bulk then I have to admit that we do not yet offer this functionality. This process is purely manual for now and afaik we don't plan on changing this anytime soon. 

    I hope this helps. Please follow up in case I can give any further information. 

    Best regards,