• RE: Feature Request - Improved UI for User and Site Info

    Hi Peter, hi Anders, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis here. I've seen your request and I fully agree that some UI improvements for administrative purpose would be helpful when it comes to user management and site administration. I will forward your feedback to the respective product team which will then validate if how and when this might get tackled. 

    I hope this helps, have a great week. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Feature Request: Grant a new user access to several sites at once

    Hey Tobias, hi Nima, hi Anders, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis here. I recently stumbled upon your thread and I fully understand your issue with having no way to "bulk assign" a number of sites to a user at once. In order to get some context may I ask how many sites you're generally assigning at once for new users?

    Looking forward to hear from you. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Changing Basemaps in Ivion

    Hi Jacob, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. I've read your post and I am happy to help. You can change the default floor map to something like Google Maps without any problems if you like. Please find a more thorough explanation for embedding Google Maps below: 

    To use Google Maps, you can use the Google Maps Tile URL. In order to set it please head to your Site. 
    Then go to Settings > Site configuration, then put this in the "Map Tile URL" field:
    In order to customize your experience you can edit the value "lyrs=X" with the following attributes:
    • h = roads only
    • m = standard roadmap
    • p = terrain
    • r = somehow altered roadmap
    • s = satellite only
    • t = terrain only
    • y = hybrid
    The same values apply if you want to change the base map on the instance level. In order to do that head to Instance Settings > Instance Configuration > Map appearance.
    Please put the following in the Map attribution field:
    © Google Maps
  • RE: How to get started with the IVION APIs?

    Hi Ronald, 
    I just tested and the link works fine for me. Have you tried copying it over into the address bar? If that still does not work for you then a search query for "IVION API" will also spit out the article for you.

    Hope that helps, have a good day! 
    Best, Laurin
  • RE: upload unprocessed data using the api

    Hey David, 

    thanks for your feedback on this. I fully understood your use case now and I fully agree that such a process would be more efficient. 
    As said I will forward your feedback to our product team in order for them to review your request. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if there's any question or concerns from your side. 

    Best, Laurin
  • How to get started with the IVION APIs?

    The following Knowledge Base Article is a good basis to get started with the IVION APIs: 
  • RE: upload unprocessed data using the api

    Hi David, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Great that you're using our API to that extent, I would be highly interested in understanding your use case and where you're going with this. As far as I know we currently do not expose any API endpoints to upload unprocessed data, creating a processing task and then downloading the processed data, I do however agree that this would be a great feature. 

    I will reach out to the respective product team and make them aware of this feature request. Meanwhile please give us some more information on your use case scenario in order to see the full picture. 

    Thanks for your understanding, 
    best regards, Laurin
  • RE: Measurements folder structure

    Hi Johan, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thanks for raising this feature request. I fully agree with you, it would indeed be nice to have subfolders and a better way to sort/search for specific folders. 

    I will create a feature request on our end and inform the product team. They will then decide if and when this could be implemented. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: UserGroup/POI-permissions does not apply to users, and new groups doesn't have access to site.

    Hi Anders, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Let me get back to your questions one by one: 

    1) If you create your own user groups by default these do not have access to view the site which is a security measure that we have implemented. To solve that problem please assign the "lowest user group" which should have access to your site. To do so you have to head to the "Edit Site Menu", make the site temporarily public by switching the switch and save your changes. Then head into the Edit Site Menu again and toggle the switch once more to again turn the site private. Once done a new entry should show giving the option to define the lowest user group for your site. I have attached a screenshot for reference. 

    This workflow is very unintuitive and our developers are aware of it, we will adapt this setting in order to make it more visible in the near future. Please let me know if this workflow worked for you and did the trick. 

    2) The ability to import/Export POIs is only available for Site Admins and Global Admins. The permission to "Export POI Audit records" refers to the POI Audit functionality which is explained here: https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-administration/instance-administration/using-poi-audit-tracking-enterprise-only. To export POIs a user must therefore at least have Site Admin permissions to see the export functionality. 

    I hope this helps to solve your issues. Let me know if there's any other issues that you're facing. Always happy to help! 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Forwarding Web Traffic To IVION

    Hi Adam,&nbsp;<br> <br> this is Laurin from NavVis. Unfortunately we cannot help with specific web server setups but while doing some research I stumbled upon a very good help article from Microsoft. I don't know if you've already come across this one but it might anyway be a good starting point:&nbsp;https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/archive/blogs/friis/iis-with-url-rewrite-as-a-reverse-proxy-part-2-dealing-with-500-52-status-codes<br> <br> I hope this helps. If you need further support you may also contact our NavVis Support Engineers by creating a Support Case here in the Portal.&nbsp;<br> <br> Best regards,&nbsp;<br> Laurin