• RE: import point cloud with local coordinate system to indoor viewer

    Hi Christine, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for your inquiry regarding manual dataset alignment in IVION. Since your dataset is not georeferenced it is necessary to tell IVION where exactly you want the data to be located. For that we have the manual alignment tool. Please find more information on that in our documentation: https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/navvis-ivion-setup/aligning-datasets/aligning-datasets-manually

    I hope this helps, let me know if there's any further questions around this process. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: How are Maps generated?

    Hi Jared, 

    that's a great question and I'm happy to help on this. You can definitely select several nodes at once. To do so just click the "Shift" key when selecting the next node. This should also be on the Hotkey Menu which you can show by entering a "?" on each individual IVION page. Based on the functionality you're using the hotkeys do differ. 

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any additional help with this. 

    Best regards, 

  • RE: Archiving/reactivation

    Hi Danny, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thank you for posting your question. I am not sure if I understood you correctly, what are you trying to achieve? Can you please describe your intentions a little further?

    If you're asking about the option to archive (backup) existing projects then yes, this option does definitely exist. If you're asking about the option to reactivate and archive cloud instances in bulk then I have to admit that we do not yet offer this functionality. This process is purely manual for now and afaik we don't plan on changing this anytime soon. 

    I hope this helps. Please follow up in case I can give any further information. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Docker migration of older indoorviewer

    Hi VDC, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. Thanks for raising this problem that you're facing. I think the answer to your issue should be quite simple. It seems that the connection with our repository was not successfull as to why you're not authorized to pull any images from it. Please follow the steps from our documentation in order to connect to the Docker Registry: https://ivion.docs.navvis.com/installing-navvis-ivion-locally-via-docker-coming-soon#connecting-to-the-navvis-docker-registry

    This troubleshooting article might also be helpful in case that any other issues arise: https://support.navvis.com/knowledgebase/article/KA-01705/en-us

    I hope this helps already. If you're indeed missing permissions for the Docker Registry then please write to support@navvis.com in order to have that checked. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Replacing panoramic images on IVION

    Hi Mate, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. We currently do not offer the ability to blur/pixelate panoramic images right inside IVION, however as you are rightly assuming the images can be blurred before you enter the processing workflow which is what some of our customers are already doing in order to meet their specific data privacy needs. 

    Depending on your device (VLX or M6) and the way you process (on-premise or Cloud Processing) the workflow of blurring the pano images is different so it's probably best to reach out to NavVis Support for some more specific information but overall your approach is correct. Please make sure however to not change image size, image rotation, image format or image details (eg. EXIF tag) as doing so will likely result in post-processing failing. 

    I hope this answers your questions, if you have more specific questions please feel free to contact the NavVis Support in order to clarify. 

    Best regards, 
  • RE: Feature request - XYZ coords

    Hi Troy, 
    thanks for detailing your use case. I'll add your request to the existing feature request. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: How are Maps generated?

    Hi Peter, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis Support. Thanks for raising this question... I will try to get back to you. 

    The floormap generation in IVION is limited by the sitemodel within which the data is set. The algorithm only takes data into account which is within 1.8m above the floor of the site-model entity within which the data resides. In normal buildings this works as expected the majority of the time, however when scanning outdoors or in buildings where there are slopes the resulting map will most likely not look as expected.

    1: Outdoor Spaces are indeed difficult for our current map generator and as you already pointed out slopes and height differences cause some issues. However our developers are aware of this shortcoming and they're already looking into possible solutions as to how this could be improved. 
    2: Please see my explanation above, I hope this helps to better understand how we generate the 2D maps for existing site models. 

    Let me know if this was of any help to you. If you have further questions please feel free to reach out again. 

  • RE: Occlusion in positioning SDK for iOS?

    Hi Bart, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis. I reached out to the respective team to clarify. At the moment the NavVis Positioning SDK does not offer this kind of information. We are however working on allowing the SDK user to get access the internally used ARKit session. This way, it is possible to make also use of the occlusion info estimated by the ARKit framework. The more accurate NavVis pointcloud data acquired through the mapping with M6/VLX is not directly accessible through the mobile SDK. This might however be made possible in a future release but there is no fixed timeline on this yet.

    I hope this helps. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: Sample app login

    Hi pspace, 

    this is Laurin from NavVis Support. Please excuse the late reply. These sample apps can be connected to your personal IVION instance. All you need to do is basically exchanging the URL to your personal instance. 

    If you do not happen to have an active IVION instance then please raise a support request with support@navvis.com and our Support Team will be able to help you with setting up a test account. 

    I hope this helps. 

    Best, Laurin
  • RE: Permissions to update POI custom data

    Hi Helmut, 

    thank you for the update. When changing the user group via the "Edit" dropdown you're basically telling IVION which user group is allowed to edit this specific POI. The same goes for POI categories. When using the frontend API with a specific user this user group must then match in order to be able to edit the POI. 

    Assigning the "Everyone" group is not ideal in that case because it grants everybody the right to edit your POIs. So I would suggest you to either create a new user group with the permissions that you need or adapt an existing one to your needs. 

    I hope this helps, best,